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You know something isn’t right. You feel irritable, sad, unworthy, or insecure. Life seems too complicated or challenging to keep up with its demands. You’re not functioning on the level you want to be, and not feeling the joy and ease you want to feel. Read more below for psychotherapy eligible issues.

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Depression can cause you to feel tired, alone, and hopeless. It can happen because of unwanted circumstances in your life, or it can be a biological/hereditary condition that’s always existed for you.

It can affect your sleep patterns, eating habits, and socialization. You might begin to isolate yourself more and turn down offers to be with family or friends. You might begin to use substances more to numb or avoid the low feelings. You begin to doubt yourself and lose confidence. Your job performance might suffer because of a lack of clarity or motivation. Overall, you feel heavy and sad. You might cry often and even have thoughts of self harm or suicide.

I can help you clear the fog, and develop the clarity and ease needed to live fully each day.

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Anxiety can cause you to feel short of breath, tense, and lightheaded. It causes increased heart rate, sweating, and difficulty with basic needs like sleep, digestion, and clarity of thought.

You might excessively ruminate about conversations or actions. You worry about possible problems and project into the future with worst case scenarios. You find decision making to be overwhelming and it’s difficult to see the positive outcomes. You focus on mistakes and believe that you are not capable of keeping up or performing at the level you want.

I can help you develop a sense of ease in Psychotherapy services.

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Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can cloud your thinking, cause you to question your own sanity, and negatively impact your sense of self. They can cause a depressed mood, a questioning of your purpose in life, and a pervasive sense of no escape.

I can help you identify toxic patterns and discover ways to free yourself.

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Low Self Worth

Low self esteem can be the by-product of many things. Your self confidence and belief in your own abilities can be challenged by failure, betrayal, negative messaging as a child, trauma, or comparisons. Break free of those limiting experiences. I can help you build from the ground up through strengths based discoveries. Get in tune with what matters most to you. Choose actions that move you toward what really matters.

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Decision Making

Indecision can keep you stuck and spinning your wheels. Is decision making stressful? Does it feel like you waste a lot of energy obsessing about making the right choice?

I can help you stop the endless, “What if?” cycle and confidently choose actions through aligning your values and intentions with authenticity. Slow the racing thoughts, clearly see your options, choose with confidence and ease.

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Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking can keep you limited in your career and personal life. Do you turn down offers to share your expertise or story with an audience? Is this limiting your professional or personal growth? 

I can help you clear the fear and embrace an empowered and confident way of approaching group experiences.

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Psychotherapy empowers you to:

Heal the past and reduce emotional pain.

Uncover limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Shift patterns of thinking or behavior that self sabotage.

Leverage your internal strengths.

Build healthy relationships and wellbeing.

Discover strategies to navigate difficult people and situations.

Develop clarity and a sense of empowerment.

Feel confident and capable.

EMDR, Integrative Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness are pathways to:

Activate your brain and body’s natural healing processes.

Rewire neural pathways.

Heal your emotions and trauma.

The rewards of therapy are life-changing. It requires your commitment and willingness to engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult work, but don’t you owe it to yourself?

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