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Audio Blog: Reclaim Your Life

[audio m4a="https://heatheredwardsnyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Reclaim-your-life-1.m4a"][/audio]   Is ego, fear, or someone else’s vision keeping you stuck? You are the expert, master, and keeper of your life. What are your guiding philosophies?  Are you functioning from a place of blame, entitlement, lack, fear, and greed? Or from a position of responsibility, abundance, wealth, courage, and charity? And I’m not talking about money – but rather about strength, purpose and meaning. Maybe your mind is scattered and unfocused, or it seems too late to change course now. Maybe you forgot to ask questions and push back a little along the way. Perhaps what you want seems unobtainable. Maybe you’ve never been a lucky person, or there’s too much burdening you to see the possibilities. Our perspective is much like a camera lens. Sometimes we need to stop to...