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It’s Not Too Late! Set Your Goals for 2016

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It’s Not Too Late! Set Your Goals for 2016

Heather Edwards GoalsWe’re still in the first half of 2016! But the fourth month & second quarter have begun. Where do you stand with your 2016 goals? If you didn’t write them down, draw them out, or mentally obsess about them, it’s not too late.

When you consider celebrating New Year 2017, what do you want to have accomplished? I heard a rumor earlier this year that 2016, according to numerology, is the year of personal development.  So I ran with it. I won’t bore you with my plans, but it helped me shape what is important to me.

If you’re still waffling, try out the following tips to start improving your life…

    • Choose one task to do differently each day. Yes, mix up your routine. My yoga teacher encourages this with our poses and breathing. When things become automatic, we do them mindlessly. We lose our passion and connection to them. Since we aren’t robots, practice staying engaged and thoughtful in the art of doing things – whether it’s exercise, drinking coffee, or petting your cat.
    • Go slow to go fast. Breathe. Take a moment to slow down and check-in with yourself. This gives you the space to clear your mind, and gain clarity and momentum. It’s paradoxical but it works. When your mind is racing, let it be your cue to focus on the basics. Take three deep breaths. Notice how it feels. Enjoy the 30 seconds of “me” time  you just found in your hectic day.Heather Edwards Goals
    • Be curious. Where curiosity ends, judgement, blame, defensiveness, and burnout begin. Wonder about stuff – textures, people, sensations, colors, sunsets, ANYTHING! Just wonder. It promotes an open mind and creative thinking. When you’re feeling stuck for an answer, pose a question. It opens you up to possibilities you might not have considered otherwise. The human brain can’t stand an unanswered question.
    • When you imagine yourself in your most peaceful and fulfilling place, what do you see? Notice the details of where you are, who’s with you, and what you look like. What do you feel, sense, and think about? Witness your life as you would like it.  What needs to change in your life now for you to be in that peaceful place? What is in that picture that doesn’t exist now? How did you get there? Identify one step you can take today to get the metaphorical ball rolling toward your future self. Spend a few minutes each day with that image.
    • Write it out! Putting your ideas on paper makes them real, observable, and tangible. When you do, they’re no longer just ideas swirling around in your head. When you can see them, clarity is gained, and actionable steps emerge.

Heather Edwards 2016It can be simple to get out of a rut. Spring is here! Summer is coming! Get outside. Notice your surroundings. Find something new to wonder about.

Breathe. Mix up your routine but stay grounded. Slow down to speed up. Spend a few minutes everyday focusing on what you want.

If you’re like most people, too much time and energy is spent on what you don’t want. They say that what you think about you bring about. Allow your mind to wander and revel in the possibilities. Get real about your goals. It’s not too late!

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” -Earl Nightingale

Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC

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