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EMDR Therapy Changes Lives

EMDR Therapy: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing changes lives. EMDR can be thought of as an integrative physiologically based therapy that helps a person see emotional material in new and less distressing ways. A Certified EMDR therapist helps guide you in a specialized way to clear trauma, break through limiting beliefs, and create an empowered way of being you.   Using Mindfulness and bilateral stimulation while holding gentle pulsers, healthy memory processing is stimulated to gain emotional distance from difficult memories. Research shows that trauma & emotionally charged experiences can get physically frozen in time in your body. They live there in the present, interfering with your life, as if the experience is happening now. EMDR creates a natural flow of information processing so that balance is restored and memories become...

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Anxiety Reduction: Tips from the experts

De-stressing Tips for Every Scenario Joanna Powell interviewed me for tips to manage performance anxiety - specifically, public speaking. Check out the article published in Pilates Style Magazine. Americans are the most anxious people on earth. But experts say arming yourself with natural ways to calm the chaos is easier than you might think. It can come without warning -- or reason. Suddenly you're woozy with dread, your breath gets short and quick, and your heart thrums in your ears like a low-flying helicopter. Anxiety. Panic. The mean reds. Whatever you call it, everyone suffers that queasy, uneasy feeling of angst and trepidation at some point in life. Since the turn of the millennium, anxiety has surpassed depression as the most prominent mental-health issue in America, according to the...