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2020 Vision: 29 life-balance tips

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2020 Vision: 29 life-balance tips

Make 2020 a breakthrough year.

Stress, fatigue, and overwhelm can keep your head spinning and your to-do list growing. Get off the hamster wheel in 2020 and begin taking corrective action. It’s counterintuitive but, it all starts with slowing down. Make 2020 the year of YOU.

Follow these simple tips to hit the reset button. Build clarity, energy, and focus… and watch your productivity soar. 

1.Choose one item at a time to tackle –

you’ll get them ALL done faster.


2.Stop, sit, and breathe –

it’s the buddhist way of beginning a meditation practice.


3.Catch and neutralize negative self-talk –

cut your inner critic off at its knees.


4.Ask for help –

delegate or get advice.


20205.Chant a daily mantra –

it keeps you focused on your goals.


6.Practice gratitude –

it’s incompatible with stress and builds healthy neural pathways in your brain.


7.Get out into nature –

it reduces stress by creating a sense of awe. Look at trees, mountains, flowers, or a body of water.


8.Pet an animal –

it slows heart rate and promotes the flow of oxytocin, a calming hormone.


9.Exercise –

it reduces stress hormones and increases feel-good ones. To boot, it increases energy and learning capacity.


202010.Talk to a friend –

we’re social creatures. It’s comforting.


11.Get needed information –

lack of information is a top 3 cause of stress.


12.Clarify your boundaries –

say, “no”. Often stress happens because a boundary has been crossed. Be assertive.


13.Listen to music –

it affects mood and can remind you of fun times. 


14.Dance –

movement is the key to everything.


15.Write in a journal

externalize your thoughts. It provides clarity and objectivity.


16.Stretch –

take up space. Build strength and flexibility in your body. It feels good and is a metaphor for growth.


17.Get a massage –

it increases blood flow and releases toxins.


18.Meditate –

it calms, clarifies, and enlightens.


19.Go to therapy –

clear out the baggage you can’t dump on your own.


20.Light a candle –

it creates a calm ambiance. If you’re religious, it’s sacred.


21.Use essential oils –

natural botanical oils are healing.


22.Set an intention –

focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


202023.Drink herbal tea –

it tastes good and can have healing effects.


24.Tidy your home –

your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Start with one room or closet.


25.Go for a walk –

your body is meant to move. It can help with present focus.


26.Reflect on your accomplishments and successes –

it builds momentum for next steps.


27.Let go of controlling everything –

what do you actually have influence over? Release the rest.


28.Get adequate sleep –

7-9 hours per night is recommended for adults.

29.Tune into your five senses one at a time –

it increases brain region integration and improves your sense of calm clarity.

Bonus Tip: Communicate directly using this format –

“I feel____ because____and I want____.”


When you’re tempted to push harder in 2020, just pause. Ask yourself what you really need in this  moment. The answer could be as simple as one intentional breath.


Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC

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