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2020 Vision: 29 life-balance tips

Make 2020 a breakthrough year. Stress, fatigue, and overwhelm can keep your head spinning and your to-do list growing. Get off the hamster wheel in 2020 and begin taking corrective action. It’s counterintuitive but, it all starts with slowing down. Make 2020 the year of YOU. Follow these simple tips to hit the reset button. Build clarity, energy, and focus...

Retrain Your Brain – Better Stress Management

“I can’t take it anymore!” “I need a vacation!” “Maybe I'll sell everything and move to an island!” Have you had similar thoughts?  I know I have. This. Is. Stress. We ALL experience stress. It’s NORMAL in our highly opinionated, fast paced, multi-tasking, master of all domains world. In fact, I just had a perfect storm of stressors in my life that created exhaustion and overwhelm. But I'll spare you those gory details. What is stress??? The dictionary definition is: A state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Sound familiar? Your nervous system is activated. This is your fight or flight reaction. All functions aimed at survival take priority. And stress kills, right? Wrong! Research is demonstrating that it's what we do with stress that kills us. When there's a perceived threat in...

Start Your Day Right: 3 Tips for the Perfect Journal Entry

Start your morning right with a journal entry. They say the day is shaped by the tone of your morning ritual. So make it productive, uplifting, and grounding. There are many benefits of journaling. It's an emotional cleanse, a refocusing on the positive, and a reminder of your purpose and vision.  Try these tips to maximize the potential for your day and to keep you on target with your goals...