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Conflict Resolution

Psychology Today – Getting Unstuck: Kick Starting Your Marriage

This article is published in Psychology Today by Mark Banschick and Heather Edwards. When your relationship needs repair...

Psychology Today – Getting Unstuck: The Toxic Relationship

...This article is published in Psychology Today by Mark Banschick and Heather Edwards. We've all heard the term "toxic relationship".  What does it really mean? Let's break it down.  Something that is toxic is poisonous, causes death or debilitation, and drains energy and life.  Snake venom is toxic.  Asbestos is toxic.  Some bacteria are toxic.  A relationship is the state of being connected, associated, or related to one another.  It can take the form of afriendship, a family member, a spouse, or a romantic partner. A difficult relationship may trap you because these tendencies may have started as early as childhood, according to Psychology Todaybloggers, Rosemary K.M. Sword and Philip Zimbardo. Regardless of the degree of toxicity in your relationship - if it’s unhealthy it’s time to fix it, or get out of it!   So how do you know if your relationship is toxic?  Consider...

Rules for Fair Fighting

In my Coaching and Psychotherapy work with individuals, couples, families, and business partners I've found a few simple & effective tools for de-escalating an argument and resolving conflict as tensions rise. People often seek coaching or therapy once they've found themselves in repeated unhealthy or non-productive patterns with significant others. This can become a frustrating and seemingly hopeless situation without the intervention of a helper or the resources needed to get out of the mire. We can all attest to the fact that feeling stuck stinks. Try these simple tips to aerate and refreshen the way you debate. 1. Use "I" messages instead of "You" messages. Recognize how conflict affects you. Give your feelings words. Unless your partner is clairvoyant, there is no way for him/her...