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Psychology Today – Getting Unstuck: Kick Starting Your Marriage

This article is published in Psychology Today by Mark Banschick and Heather Edwards. When your relationship needs repair...


Lately it seems we're obsessed with establishing balance in our lives.  The day to day rat race keeps us running in diametrically opposed directions from one moment to the next. When life feels off-kilter, whether its due to neglected or all-consuming life domains, we strive to re-balance ourselves and maintain a comfortable order.  Some of us desire more time with family and less time at work.  Some need time for self nurturing, and less time worrying about everyone else.  Some crave time for education and skill development instead of household chores.  The formula for balance may look quite different for everyone.  Regardless, the demands of daily life can leave us feeling exhausted and depleted.  No matter how it looks for you, at the end of the day, the satisfaction we...

Make Summertime Work for You

The official start of summer is almost here.  And unless you plan it well, in the blink of an eye, it's gone! Here in the Northeast, we only get a few months of warmth, sunshine, and extended daylight hours. This has proven to improve mood, lower anxiety, and increase energy levels.   How can you be sure to maximize the energy boost you get from the glorious sunlight and vitamin D? It's easy if you stay organized.  Plan your summer from the start.   Name your priorities.  What do you want to accomplish?  Is it family time?  Taking a vacation?  Home improvement projects?  Building your career or business?  Enjoying the outdoors? Reconnecting with friends? Get out your day planner and schedule your summer.  Give yourself deadlines for completing important...