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BOOST YOUR ENERGY – Emotional Cleansing

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BOOST YOUR ENERGY – Emotional Cleansing


Have you noticed that your energy levels wax and wane depending on the day of the week, and sometimes the time of day? Well, it’s not unusual to feel variations in your motivation, activity level, and mood throughout the day, week, or month. This happens because of changing factors like diet, exercise, hormones, stress, and the way you think about situations. How can you optimize your energy for maximum productivity and forward movement? Consider a combination of mental, physical, and emotional “cleansers” to get you on a course toward a more energized tomorrow. There’s no magic wand, but a little effort and intention can go a long way.

Boost your energy…

1. Make a checklist: What gives you energy? What drains your energy? Focus on your home, family, friends, work, and/or social commitments. Take a close, honest look at your activities and the people with whom you surround yourself. Are they feeding your soul or draining it? Your experience of situations and people provides you with valuable information about whether they are healthy for you. Pay attention to your gut reactions. Carefully consider them. Trust them. Through this mindful practice, you will discover simple ways to reduce energy drainers and increase energy providers in your life.

2. Stop avoiding: Is there an unresolved problem lingering that you’ve been hoping would go away? Confront it! Avoiding an uncomfortable issue only allows it to fester and hold you down. When you face it head on, you’ll be able to resolve it and put it behind you. Your path forward becomes free and clear of that annoying dread. Call a friend, Counselor, or mediator if you need extra support or advice. Click here for a directory of helpers in your area…. and here to learn more about how to Fight Fair…

3. Focus on the positives: Spend 10 – 20 seconds per day focusing on a positive memory or experience. Neuroscience studies have evidenced that through intentional focus on positive experiences, our brain structure can change to more fully appreciate positive memories and events. The brain is naturally structured to notice danger & threats in our environment. This alarm system has been essential to basic survival. Although most of us don’t need to worry about being chased by a rhinoceros on any given day, it’s still much easier to see the negatives around us rather than the positives. Work on developing the happy center of your brain. Intentionally practice the art of feeling happy using all five senses.

4. Let go of the past: What’s lost, broken, or forever changed is ancient history. Make peace with the past. Holding that grudge does not benefit you! If its true that all of us are doing our best within our given circumstances and with the information available to us, then allow yourself to let go of your mistakes and those of others. Holding onto anger, resentment, and regret only keeps you in the past and prevents you from truly living in the present. Be thankful for what you have in your life now. Take stock of all the things that are going right! Click here for tips on Letting Go….

5. Create new memories: Do something that you enjoy today! There’s no better time than the present. The more enjoyment you experience, the more positive energy you will exude and receive. Positive energy is contagious. It feels good to be around positive people. Why not be one? Spend time catching up with a friend or relative. Try out a new hobby or place of interest. Laugh! Laughter feels good and often begets more laughter. Click here for more ideas on finding inspiration everyday…

6. Move: Movement breeds energy. It reduces stress hormones like cortisol and increases the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. The word endorphin comes from a combination of the two words endogenous, meaning from within the body, and morphine, a powerful pain fighting drug. When released, endorphins create a euphoria. So get up & jog or go for a walk, get to the gym, or dust off that home exercise equipment! It’s true that the more you exercise, the more you will crave it and the better you will feel. If you don’t already have an exercise routine, then get started. Call a trainer if you need an extra boost. A year from now, or even next week, you’ll be glad you did!

7. Eat healthy & rest: Just apply the basics… skip sugary foods and processed foods. Eat more whole grains, nuts, and raw fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Remember to get plenty of rest and keep a regular sleep schedule. You’ll feel better and more energized. Click here for information on Foods That Boost Your Mood….

8. Develop a plan based on all of the above: What can you do differently to enhance your energy and truly live each day to the fullest? Pay attention to your body, mind, and emotions. You are full of love, strength, and creativity! Notice and embrace those qualities, and develop new ones, too. Click here for tips on setting goals…. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Think of what you have rather than of what you lack. Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly you would have sought them if you did not have them.”

Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC


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