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Gratitude in Tragedy: Practicing hope

Have you noticed that it's difficult to focus on abundance? Gratitude seems like a chore, and being thankful with so much hardship in the world seems frivolous? Gently ask yourself this question - How does my suffering relieve the suffering of others? Pause, breathe, and take a break just for a moment from the pain of the world to notice what is abundant in your life. You deserve and need hope. You deserve and need moments of relief. You deserve and need to feel grateful so that you can continue to shine your light to make this world a better place for everyone - one person, one interaction, one gesture at a time. When you function from a place of love, honesty, and nonjudgement you open yourself to limitless possibilities. Fear, anger, and judgement shut down creative processes and keep you small. Let...

BOOST YOUR ENERGY – Emotional Cleansing

Have you noticed that your energy levels wax and wane depending on the day of the week, and sometimes the time of day? Well, it's not unusual to feel variations in your motivation, activity level, and mood throughout the day, week, or month. This happens because of changing factors like diet, exercise, hormones, stress, and the way you think about situations. How can you optimize your energy for maximum productivity and forward movement? Consider a combination of mental, physical, and emotional "cleansers" to get you on a course toward a more energized tomorrow. There's no magic wand, but a little effort and intention can go a long way. Boost your energy...