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Feelings are Your Deeper Truth

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Feelings are Your Deeper Truth

Heather Edwards CoachDon’t you hate it when you’re having a good day then you’re T-boned by loneliness, fear, or guilt? Pump the brakes! What just happened?

In the intersection of a pretty decent life, you’re suddenly reeling with negativity.

If you are a living, breathing, wanting, moving, evolving human being – negative emotions will be part of the fully-wakeful-ever-expanding-consciousness-raising-life-experience-package. They can stop you in your tracks, or at least slow you down a bit.  But you can choose to take a closer look and use them as fuel to motivate and inspire you.

Emotions are cues from your soul to make necessary changes in your life.

When you pause to acknowledge them, back up and say hello to them, you can see them as such. They are internal informants that something is awry.

Avoid the urge to minimize, distract, or ignore your feelings.

Listen to their message.  Allow them to guide you to a better place.  Know that they evolve and change, just as you do. Trust that they are temporary and a valuable source of information that can serve as a catalyst for something new. The longer you avoid them and push them away, the stronger and more persistent they become.

Take a closer look.

Perhaps you wish something was different in your reality. Maybe there’s old stuff lingering in the nooks and crannies of your subconscious mind that you’ve decidedly avoided. Or your hopes and expectations were sadly off course. Perhaps an adjustment in your thinking is overdue.

Emotions are a fortunate truth when confronted with courage and acceptance.

They direct you to a deeper truth that something is out of alignment.  They make you stronger and more attuned.  They represent the yogi, swami, and guru of your unconscious mind. It’s the secret service of your regrets, wants, dreams, and so much more….

Lonely. Sad. Hopeless. Guilty. Stuck. Do you allow these feelings or distract and avoid them?

Are your emotions managing you? Or are you managing your emotions?

You found a temporary sense of relief.  But in the long run, that nagging feeling simmers below the surface of your consciousness, rearing its head at potentially inopportune moments, or during quiet times.

How do you want to feel?

What information is the unwanted feeling providing?  Notice what you need to change, acknowledge, or accept. This is critical and motivating. The largest pitfall of coping with negative emotions is the belief that, “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”

What does this feeling say about you?

Perhaps you wish you had done things differently – in that case it’s a learning experience, now you’re wiser.  Perhaps you are a sensitive, caring person easily affected by others – in that case embrace your loving self and set better boundaries next time.  Perhaps there were events out of your control that hurt you – trust that you did the best you could at the time with the information and resources available to you – and release the rest.

All emotions are valuable. Embrace them. Release them. Empower yourself.Heather Edwards Coaching

If it’s true that that light cannot exist without dark, good cannot exist with evil, black (all colors) cannot exist without white (the absence of colors).  Then the same is true of feelings.  Without hate, grief, and fear – love, joy, and orgasmic ecstasy cannot exist.  Or worse, they would only seem mundane.

Back to that intersection of life – hit cruise control. Allow your reality to exist. Make gentle or dramatic adjustments where you see fit.  Everything is fluid and dynamic. One decision today can alter your course infinitely. Hear your feelings as confidants of your deeper truth. Feel. Observe. Trust. Believe. Breathe. Release. Empower yourself.

Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC

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