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Confidence Coaching – Empowering You

[caption id="attachment_1931" align="alignleft" width="300"] New York Psychotherapy and Life Coaching[/caption] Who hasn't experienced a knot in the stomach, a lightheaded feeling, or tunnel vision in the moments before a performance, important meeting, or unfamiliar situation? Nobody!  Whether you’re giving a talk, playing a song, or simply networking – stage fright is a very real thing.  Self confidence is at risk.  It is stifling to believe you didn't measure up or worse, you let someone down.  It can stop you from stretching to new heights and leave you longing for your safe zone – which might prompt a counterproductive step back to avoid the new challenge. Create your intention.  Recall moments you felt fully competent.  Tap into that feeling emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and viscerally.  Allow your consciousness to absorb all those positive thoughts, feelings,...