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5 Tips to Ensure YOU are Not a Narcissist

Do you ever wonder if you’re being selfish? Or even worse, a Narcissist? Narcissism gets a lot of press. It's on the most unwanted list of personality types. To boot, it’s not just an undesired type - it’s a diagnosable disorder that needs psychotherapeutic treatment and a whole lotta insight to change. But chances are, if you're concerned about spending too much time on your own interests, then you're probably not a narcissist. So take a breath. There is a healthy amount of self interest and need for validation that helps us be successful and fulfilled.  Everyone benefits from acknowledgement and appreciation. But there is a fine line that when crossed, becomes difficult to retract.  The narcissist receives their validation through constant admiration by others at any cost....

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The Narcissistic Injury: Ouch! Your Ego Got Bruised

Yep!  It hurts! You know it. It’s that moment of psychological knock-down. Someone took a sucker punch at your psyche. It feels like an existential crisis, an emotional assault, or plain and simple embarrassment. You just experienced a narcissistic injury.  You know the scenario, you approached a situation or person with an “I got this” attitude, then Whamo!, your ego took a hard right south. You feel stupid, ill prepared, and less than worthy.  Sometimes egos take a beating when they're too expansive. It’s empowering to feel strong and confident. It’s what you want, but how do you temper it so it’s balanced, wise, and grounded? After all, you don’t want to be perceived as cocky, self absorbed, or the “n” word - narcissistic! Ugh! This is a conversation...