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5 Tips to Ensure YOU are Not a Narcissist

Do you ever wonder if you’re being selfish? Or even worse, a Narcissist? Narcissism gets a lot of press. It's on the most unwanted list of personality types. To boot, it’s not just an undesired type - it’s a diagnosable disorder that needs psychotherapeutic treatment and a whole lotta insight to change. But chances are, if you're concerned about spending too much time on your own interests, then you're probably not a narcissist. So take a breath. There is a healthy amount of self interest and need for validation that helps us be successful and fulfilled.  Everyone benefits from acknowledgement and appreciation. But there is a fine line that when crossed, becomes difficult to retract.  The narcissist receives their validation through constant admiration by others at any cost....

Personality Type:  Know Yourself

Personality type has its roots in a psychological theory dating back to the 1920's. The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875-1961) known for his work on the psyche, ego, personal unconscious, collective unconscious, archetypes, and dream analysis also developed the enduring theory of personality types based on psychological opposites.  Jung and  Sigmund Freud collaborated from about 1907-1909 addressing Freud’s mission of making the unconscious conscious through the practice of psychoanalysis. Jung’s personality theory explains normal differences between healthy people.  He concluded that these differences in behavior stem from inborn tendencies to use our minds in different ways and can be influenced by culture, family, and the environment. Each of us possesses all six characteristics he defined in his personality theory, but we favor one or the other...