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Design Your Best Life

Each of us has a unique life story. We come from different families, places, and generations. Our circumstances effect and shape who we are and become. Personal experiences are part of us, wherever we go. We use our history to guide us through life. What's familiar is comfortable and predictable. Sometimes though, it's not the most helpful. How do we acknowledge and let go of the part of our life story that holds us back? How do we flourish, soothe, and celebrate our truly unique, special, and amazing potential?    Answer the following questions to help clarify your strengths, challenges, and life goals.  Begin to design your best life. 1. When do I shine? There are times, situations, places, and environments where we shine! Notice when you...

Life/Business Coaching versus Psychotherapy

A popular question I've been asked is, "What is the difference between Life Coaching and Psychotherapy?".  Here in the Big Apple, Psychotherapy is very popular.  People are comforted by having a Psychotherapist to lean on as a source of clarity and support.  But Psychotherapy is much more than that.  It is a treatment of psychological problems typically caused by past traumas and/or experiences, or a biological imbalance. Its main purpose is to improve mental health and an overall sense of well-being.  A diagnosis and treatment plan guide the course of therapy services.  Health Insurance will pay for Psychotherapy. Those practicing Psychotherapy at the Licensure level, e.g. Mental Health Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Clinical Social Workers, etc. have completed at least a Masters Degree...