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Turn Chaos Into Calm: Five ways to create a Zen day

Whether there are too many obligations or too much stress, feeling anxious and overwhelmed can bring your productivity to a screeching halt.  When the stakes are high, the last thing you need is low focus and low motivation.  Our bodies are designed to protect and preserve our well-being.  But when stress is prolonged and our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) takes over, it can have negative effects on our health and peace of mind.   The fight-or-flight reaction that our SNS creates to keep us safe from danger actually causes panic like symptoms including, short & shallow breaths, tightening of the muscles, increased heart rate, and intensified negative emotions in preparation for survival.  When this happens, we're lit up like a billboard in Times Square on New...

Healthy Foods Can Lift Your Mood

Thanks so much to my smart and witty cousin, Jessi Haggerty, RD for today's post.  Jessi makes eating healthy fun and tasty! Since delving into the world of nutrition and food, I have come to believe that there is a cure for everything in the food we eat, or don't eat for that matter.  There have been numerous research studies, articles, and nutrition books written about how a high quality diet can prevent, and possibly cure, everything from heart disease to cancer.  But I'm here to talk about how your food can make your day, well, a little bit better.   It's no secret that the foods we eat can affect our mood, and that our mood can affect the food we eat, which can create a...