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Empower Your Inner Goddess – Yoga and Coaching Beach Retreat

Stretch your body. Nourish your soul. Free your spirit. Relax in the quiet seaside retreat of Kismet, Fire Island: Join a small group of amazing women eager to find their center, build their energy, develop their passion, and empower their spirit. Realign your body and mind: Experience Beach Yoga, Coaching for Visualizing Your Ideal Self, De-cluttering Your Mind, Building Energy Sources, Improving Your Mind-Body-Emotion Connection, Embracing Empowering Beliefs, Sunset Yoga, Yoga Dance, Chakra Meditation and Relaxation Exercises. Leave the island feeling invigorated and ready to live an inspired, confident, and passionate life! Our program features: Fresh whole foods and juices.  Breakfast x2, Lunch x2, Dinner x2, and healthy snacks. Mealtimes are relaxed.  Enjoy healthy, balanced nutrition and the company of creative, inspired Retreat participants and instructors. Fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing...

Turn Chaos Into Calm: Five ways to create a Zen day

Whether there are too many obligations or too much stress, feeling anxious and overwhelmed can bring your productivity to a screeching halt.  When the stakes are high, the last thing you need is low focus and low motivation.  Our bodies are designed to protect and preserve our well-being.  But when stress is prolonged and our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) takes over, it can have negative effects on our health and peace of mind.   The fight-or-flight reaction that our SNS creates to keep us safe from danger actually causes panic like symptoms including, short & shallow breaths, tightening of the muscles, increased heart rate, and intensified negative emotions in preparation for survival.  When this happens, we're lit up like a billboard in Times Square on New...