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Psychology Today – Better Grades

Here's another Psychology Today publication with Dr. Mark Banschick. This was posted here on January 10, 2016. It's chock full of simple tips for acing your semester! ************************************* You are back from break, and school has been a problem, with too many distractions, friends, sports…sometimes a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even a break-up. It is not working. If you're in college or grad school, no one's supervising, which is great, butwhen you get distracted, it’s all on you. Even if you are in high school, it's best to be self motivated. So, now as you pick up the pieces from last semester and committing to a program of success. Consider some tips from guest blogger,Heather Edwards(link is external). Create a Routine: Establish a study time, place, and structure that works from the start of...