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Waiting for the Solar Eclipse

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Waiting for the Solar Eclipse

heather edwards eclipseAn hour before the eclipse, my eldest cat jumped into the windowsill. She seemed to know we were on the cusp of an astrological anomaly.  Oregon would be the first to experience it. Since I’m in NYC, I turned on the news and watched. Then, headed to my rooftop and awaited the northeast reveal.

Wary to look directly at the sun because of warnings about permanent retinal damage, I wondered how I could see something I can’t look at. So I positioned my iphone camera toward the sun and it became my eyes.

I took many photographs hoping for a brief separation in the clouds to capture this unusual phenomenon. Others were on their rooftops and balconies also awaiting a glimpse of the partial sun.

Frustrated, at 2:50 p.m. I admitted defeat. Feeling completely deflated and regretting the time lost, I headed toward the rooftop door to go back inside. But one last half-hearted glance delivered… THERE IT WAS!

For a fraction of a second, I saw a perfect black dot covering almost ½  of the sun! WOW! Several more squinty eyed glances failed to capture it. The glare was too bright. So again, my camera became my eyes.

Ultimately, the moment was gone but the exuberance remained. I could feel adrenaline and dopamine surging through my body.

I rushed inside and called my husband. As I told him the story, I realized it’s a familiar one I’ve experienced many times before. Just when things seem too hard, too unlikely, or even impossible and I’m ready to give up, the stars align and good things happen.

Upon the edge of defeat, things can turn around if you stay in the game. If I had gone into the building without looking up, the eclipse still would’ve occurred but I would’ve missed the splendor of it’s appearance – a true missed opportunity. 

heather edwards eclipse catI shared this wisdom with a friend a few weeks ago – minus the eclipse part. He’s considering giving up his business. He’s facing many challenges and it seems like the obstacles are too big. Quitting looks better than seeing it through.

But I can see the the future of his prosperity and the positive impact he’ll have on his community, if he keeps trying. Just like the elusive northeast eclipse, the stars will align. When you’ve done the right thing, have taken deliberate action, and have been clear about what you want and why, results happen.

The sun and the moon showed themselves to me today. It was a not-so-subtle reminder to always have patience, persistence, and hope.

Today I saw the eclipse, and more – I saw a life lesson.


Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC

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