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COVID-19: Seeking a silver lining

COVID-19 is frightening. Most of us are wondering what COVID-19 will mean for our future. Not knowing what to expect is stressful. In fact, the three largest contributors to stress are: 1. uncertainty; 2. lack of information; and 3. lack of control. I’d say the Coronavirus has checked all three boxes. Many people are struggling with boundaries, privacy, and managing emotions while quarantining at home. Negotiating space, finding ”me time” for self care, and sitting with the uncomfortable feelings challenge even the best coping strategies.  So, let’s get back to basics. There’s no magic bullet but perhaps the closest thing is gratitude. Take a breath, get grounded in the now, and connect with your core values. Look around you and notice how many have manifested in your...

Scarcity to Abundance – Healing from loss

“How do you want to die?” These are the haunting words spoken by her doctor after being diagnosed with stage four cancer. Three months after her passing, I’ve turned toward and through my grief and loss seeking peace. Grief takes time. It can feel overwhelming and eternal. But it eventually changes. The cloud lifts. Clarity and lightness return. Our love for those who have passed before us never dies and perhaps that’s what keeps us moving forward. They’re never really gone. They live on in memories, moments, and a felt sense of connection to them. While sitting on the edge of loss and wholeness, I’m struck by the flood of ideas about cultivating a robust authentic life. It’s an integration of real science from multiple areas of...

Neuroscience, Narcissism, & Humanism

Have you ever had an experience that was so attuned to your core essence that you felt completely content, aligned, and inspired? Well, the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium did just that. This year, neuroscience and attachment theory for healing were the stars of the show - along with other hot topics in psychotherapy like story telling, yoga, & power posing. It fed my intellectual appetite and at times, felt like being a kid in a candy shop - I was joyfully shoving colorful treats into my mouth, riding the sugar buzz, and continuously craving more! It was Willy Wonka minus the little blue men and scary boat scene. Just the good stuff - lots of candy & neuroscience! Sex, intimacy, and the Tango were keynote subjects. Susan Johnson, EdD, the developer...

Retrain Your Brain – Better Stress Management

“I can’t take it anymore!” “I need a vacation!” “Maybe I'll sell everything and move to an island!” Have you had similar thoughts?  I know I have. This. Is. Stress. We ALL experience stress. It’s NORMAL in our highly opinionated, fast paced, multi-tasking, master of all domains world. In fact, I just had a perfect storm of stressors in my life that created exhaustion and overwhelm. But I'll spare you those gory details. What is stress??? The dictionary definition is: A state of mental or emotional strain resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Sound familiar? Your nervous system is activated. This is your fight or flight reaction. All functions aimed at survival take priority. And stress kills, right? Wrong! Research is demonstrating that it's what we do with stress that kills us. When there's a perceived threat in...