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Audio Blog: Fear Sucks. Get Up.

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Audio Blog: Fear Sucks. Get Up.

Heather Edwards Psychotherapist, Coach, FearFor my subscribers… a new treat. Audio versions of your favorite blogs. Now you can engage with me in a more personal way. These are readings of my writings, by yours truly. Enjoy. Please post your comments at the bottom of the page. I’m eager to hear from you.

Fear sucks, doubt debilitates and stress kills.Loneliness isolates and worry permeates. Anger enrages and sorrow depletes. Yearning drives and hope transcends. Joy eases – all or most of the pain, at least for a moment.

Darkness and light. Greatness and shame. Brilliance and defeat. Ecstasy and despair. Two sides of the same coin, right?

They’re separated only by a the velocity of a spin or gravitational pull from our Mother Earth.Unavoidable. Unmanageable. Unimaginable. Or not?

These are the feelings you will inevitablyexperience as a living, loving, breathing, growing, evolving human being.They’re scary. They’re jarring. They’re life changing. They’re normal.

At times, they force you to look them in the eye and realize the limits of your comfort zone. They reveal the distinction between being passenger and being driver in this ride called life.

Take the wheel. It’s high time we get off our seats and do something to catapult change.

A revolutionary personal change. Hardship isn’t fair, negativity is a travesty, and staying down – well that’s just not an option.

Get up. Notice what lies between the extremes – calm, happy, relaxed, comfortable, satisfied, confident, belonging. Gratitude, appreciation, generosity, affection, sadness, hurt. Disappointment, rejection, insecurity, and confusion. The list goes on.

Welcome to the midrange of your emotional experience. Give those feelings your undivided attention. Place them center stage.

Extremes steal the show. But they’re only one act. Make room for other players. Open the stage door to a full accompaniment of roles. Ones that ground, balance, andcompliment the full catastrophe.

This big, beautiful, complex experience deserves your full attention. In doing so, you can become mindful of the moment to moment realities – good, bad, or neutral.

Catch your internal monologue and bring those extremes down a notch – or up. Practice using less inflammatory words to describe your experience and see what happens. Notice how that feels. It can improve your tolerance, modulate your emotions, and open you to a fuller, richer life. Stop wasting time idling and reacting. Put it in drive.

Heather Edwards, LMHC, BCC

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