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Corporate Culture: Survival in the Mean Girls’ Club

Welcome to the mean girls club! Unless you're ready to sail the seas of cheese, you've got to step up and ground yourself in what can be a gut wrenching work culture. Politics, alliances, agendas, clicks, personalities, micro-management, and worst of all - the blame game are just a few of the head trips that play out. Where there’s position, power, and money, there’s competition, manipulation, and greed. So use these tips to stay steady and true to you. At the end of the day, it’s your conscience that allows you to rest comfortably in the arms of Morpheus (the Ancient Greek God of Sleep). Boundaries: Recognize what you have power over. Focus on what falls within that realm and do your job like a pro....

Holiday Stress Management

Whether you celebrate one holiday or all of them- we are all familiar with the whirlwind that begins right after Halloween, builds to Thanksgiving, and continues gaining momentum through the end of the year. While this season is meant to bring feelings of closeness and cheer to you and your loved ones, it can also bring on feelings of stress and anxiety- especially during the planning of events. 

On the bright side unlike many other types of stress, holiday stress is predictable. We know where it will begin and end and we can make premeditated plans on how to reduce its impact on us. 

Here are some tips you can try during your holiday seasons to assist you with stress management and help your holidays...