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Are You a Quitter? 5 steps to get back on track

Did you know that January 12th is, "Quitters Day"? According to research it's proven to be the day that most people begin giving up on their New Year’s resolutions. Other research shows that by the second week in February, 80% of people have resigned their goals to failure. Does this sound like you? Here's how to stop getting in your own way. Use these tips to get back on the horse and gallop through the finish line...

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Your Friends Have It All! 7 Steps to catch up.

Your friends are getting married and having babies. Some are moving to the burbs. Others are advancing in their careers making beaucoup bucks. Status, love, money, and recognition abound for everybody else. But what about you? You’re feeling lost. Your head swirls with uncertainty and doubt. You wonder if you’ll ever get what you want or feel satisfied with your life. You hear the clock ticking as the abyss between you and accomplishment widens. You wonder if you’ll ever catch up to those who seem to have it all. What happened? And where do you begin? Start with stopping. Just “drop in” to yourself and the moment. When your mind is racing and your heart is breaking, you’re probably spending too much time focusing on...