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Empower Your Inner Goddess – Yoga and Coaching Beach Retreat

Stretch your body. Nourish your soul. Free your spirit. Relax in the quiet seaside retreat of Kismet, Fire Island: Join a small group of amazing women eager to find their center, build their energy, develop their passion, and empower their spirit. Realign your body and mind: Experience Beach Yoga, Coaching for Visualizing Your Ideal Self, De-cluttering Your Mind, Building Energy Sources, Improving Your Mind-Body-Emotion Connection, Embracing Empowering Beliefs, Sunset Yoga, Yoga Dance, Chakra Meditation and Relaxation Exercises. Leave the island feeling invigorated and ready to live an inspired, confident, and passionate life! Our program features: Fresh whole foods and juices.  Breakfast x2, Lunch x2, Dinner x2, and healthy snacks. Mealtimes are relaxed.  Enjoy healthy, balanced nutrition and the company of creative, inspired Retreat participants and instructors. Fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing...

Love the Skin You’re In!

Its officially summer and the weather is hot! We have longer days, more outdoor celebrations, and parties by the pool or at the beach. These are all good things that most look forward to, but if we are not happy and confident in our own skin, the summer months bring on anxiety and self-doubt. Appreciating yourself can sometimes be a difficult task. Being comfortable in your skin is knowing exactly who you are and adoring yourself - including your quirks and flaws!  Balancing and accepting yourself can help your self- esteem and also bring you inner peace. Here are some ways to help you love yourself as much as you deserve! Thank Yourself:  Our bodies are amazing things but we tend to take them for granted....

Make Summertime Work for You

The official start of summer is almost here.  And unless you plan it well, in the blink of an eye, it's gone! Here in the Northeast, we only get a few months of warmth, sunshine, and extended daylight hours. This has proven to improve mood, lower anxiety, and increase energy levels.   How can you be sure to maximize the energy boost you get from the glorious sunlight and vitamin D? It's easy if you stay organized.  Plan your summer from the start.   Name your priorities.  What do you want to accomplish?  Is it family time?  Taking a vacation?  Home improvement projects?  Building your career or business?  Enjoying the outdoors? Reconnecting with friends? Get out your day planner and schedule your summer.  Give yourself deadlines for completing important...