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Is Shame Holding You Back? You are worthy.

Let’s go alternate reality. Yes, AR. What’s your biggest wish for this year? Five years from now? Or for your lifetime? Tap into the full experience of that image. Be the hero in your own game. One where you make the rules. You tell the story. You determine the outcome. What’s there? Who’s there? Smell the scents, see the colors, connect to the people, hear the sounds, engage with your surroundings. Notice the energy that fills you up. Close your eyes. Lock it in. Wait. Did I hear the voice of self doubt? Disbelief? Uncertainty? It’s okay. It’s what we do. Notice it and dismiss it. Shift your focus to what you want. The nasty little self critic gremlin works hard at sabotaging your dreams. It’s...

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Psychology Today: 5 Steps to Happiness

Psychology Today - Mark Banschick, MD. Article By Guest Blogger, Heather Edwards Reclaiming Happiness By Mark Banschick M.D. on February 13, 2017  The Intelligent Divorce Guest blogger Heather Edwards has a five important tips that'll help you align with your heart's desires. The quest for health and happiness today seems like an uphill battle. Each day, the  issues gracing our headlines challenge the equilibrium of our hearts and soul. The politicsof the moment burdens our psyche. Many worry about jobs, paying for college or for rent; and the world continues to show its openness to violence, depressing our sense of peace, love, and hope for a better tomorrow. We’re further misaligned by our own personal demons. Whether it’s illness, relationships, or finances, each of us has a complexity of...

Thanks Giving: Donate your coats

Last Saturday, my husband and I were outside enjoying a 70 degree afternoon among the crisp fallen leaves of autumn. It was magical. The warm, full sun cast dancing shadows on the ground through the trees. Acorns, a light cool breeze, and the fresh scent of earth filled our consciousness. It hardly felt like a November afternoon. We were visiting family for an early Thanks Giving. Eight hours later, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped 30 degrees, and sleet began to fall. We were hardly prepared for this dramatic change. We were away for the weekend and he didn’t have a coat. I only had warm-weather shoes and no socks! It was a stark reminder of the brute strength of winter. It called my attention...

At the Table (Podcast)! With Nutrition Expert Jessi Haggerty

Nutrition experts, Allison and Jessi invited me to join the conversation, "At the Table with Allison and Jessi." At the Table is the love child of two nutrition experts who want to help others improve their relationship with food by making eating a sacred and enjoyable experience again. Allison is a Holistic Nutrition Counselor and blogger behindwww.friskylemon.com. She specializes in empowering people to heal their digestion by creating their personalized healing diet based in the Paleo Diet framework. Jessi is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer who provides an excitingly educational, deliciously nutritious, and slightly sarcastic sustainable approach to food and wellness. To boot, she's my amazing cousin! You can find Jessi on www.jessihaggerty.com In this episode of At the Table, we discuss everything from mindfulness and positive psychology to...