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Mindfulness: attention with purpose

Sleepily, I tiptoed to the kitchen to make my morning tea. As I gripped the bright yellow lemon my attention noticed it’s firm, dimpled outer rind. I wondered for a moment about the hands that picked it and the tree from which it came. I acknowledged the sunshine, clouds, rain, and earth that provided the conditions to make it grow. I rinsed it and watched the drops of water cascade around its surface. I cut into its middle and witnessed the nectar escaping to the countertop and bursting toward the sky. It’s citrus aroma exploded, filling the room and my nostrils with its unmistakable tart bounty. With each breath the anticipation of its delightful flavor built as my mouth began to water. Is your mouth watering?...

Scarcity to Abundance – Healing from loss

“How do you want to die?” These are the haunting words spoken by her doctor after being diagnosed with stage four cancer. Three months after her passing, I’ve turned toward and through my grief and loss seeking peace. Grief takes time. It can feel overwhelming and eternal. But it eventually changes. The cloud lifts. Clarity and lightness return. Our love for those who have passed before us never dies and perhaps that’s what keeps us moving forward. They’re never really gone. They live on in memories, moments, and a felt sense of connection to them. While sitting on the edge of loss and wholeness, I’m struck by the flood of ideas about cultivating a robust authentic life. It’s an integration of real science from multiple areas of...

Unlocking Your Potential: What would you change?

How did Felix Baumgartner discover the courage and fortitude to freefall from 128,000 feet in the stratosphere and break the sound barrier?  How did Steve Jobs harness the brilliance, passion, and energy to improve lives so dramatically through technology? How did Michael Phelps train to win 22 Olympic Medals, far exceeding any other wins in history?  Each of them started with an idea, a curiosity, a dream.  Each of them took a risk.  Each of them fully committed to their talent. What is your idea, dream, or curiosity?  What do you want to achieve, experience, or change? How could you define the steps to a better tomorrow?  What is stopping you? Now is the time to get started!  Stop depriving the world of your greatness and unleash...